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The Story of the U.S. Coast Guard and OSS in World War II
Guardian Spies
Oral History Project
We are conducting an oral history project in order to preserve the accurate, real-life
stories of the heroic Coast Guard men who were attached to the OSS during World War
II. Members and their families are being interviewed to capture their amazing story for
the Archive. Thus far the following USCG/OSS Veterans have been located and are
participating in the Oral History Project:

  • LT John P. Booth: CO of OSG2, Detachment 101

  • McMM 1/c William McPheat: Detachment 101/404

  • Radioman 1/c John Harrigan: OSG2 Detachment 101

  • Chief Bosn' Eugene Nicolaisen: MU Detachment 101/404

  • John Harrigan/Booth Interview (OSG 2)

  • Dr. Christian Lambertsen. "Father of the OSS Operational Swimmers Group
    (FROGMEN) and U.S. Combat Swimmers."

Published articles on this topic:
For a free copy of the article "The U.S. Coast Guard and OSS Maritime Operations in
World War II" published in the December 2008 edition of the CIA Center for the Study
of Intelligence publication
Studies in Intelligence please go:
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Foundation for Coast
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